Paul-Louis Pröve

Computer Scientist specialising in AI

Can you guess how old the person is behind this knee MRI? I give you a hint. It’s a recording of a German male between the age of 14 and 21 years. No idea? I like to imagine that this is how a neural network sees the world before it has been trained. It has absolutely no clue. So, let me train you.

Let me give you a quick overview of different types of convolutions and what their benefits are. For the sake of simplicity I'm focussing on 2D convolutions only.

I trained a convolutional neural network to classify audio files of voice recordings into the languages that were spoken. The dataset I used contained 66.000 files across 176 languages. I found it on TopCoder. I liked the idea behind this problem, because it's very hard for humans to do. It's interesting to see that CNNs perform well on problems where intuition doesn't get you anywhere.

Password attacks are at the edge of accessing someones secrets. By learning to judge the strength of a password and by understanding how hackers execute attacks, users can make better estimations on how safe they are.

Secureum is a working prototype of an anonymous insurance service. The idea was to create a simple and secure way to protect yourself against flight delays or extreme weather conditions. We used Ethereum based smart contracts to automate the validation of payouts and prevent the leakage of personal information. All you need is an Ethereum Wallet ID and 20 seconds of your time to go through a full insurance process. A working version of the service is currently not online.

KalahaGo is a game I wrote as an university project. It's based on the popular board game Kalaha, which is also often referred to as Mancala. It includes an AI opponent that is a lot better than me and features a colorful UI with several settings that can be tweaked.

Die folgenden Links führen zu meinen persönlichen Lernunterlagen verschiedener Vorlesungen an der FH Wedel. Hinter jedem Link ist gekennzeichnet, was meine Einschätzung der Qualität und Vollständigkeit ist. Ich hoffe jedem ist klar, dass auch bei 3 Sternen Fehler enthalten sein werden. Jeder darf die Dokumente kommentieren und Korrekturen einreichen.